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Fotos da cronologia

EVs and e-buses will use 2 000TWh in 2040 according to recent forecasts, adding 6% to global electricity demand. Meanwhile, the switch from combustion..

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Fotos da cronologia

As the market for EV’s is growing, so is the market for EV charging infrastructure. GTM Research states that the global EV charging infrastructure..

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Fotos da cronologia

Over 1 million electric cars were sold in 2017 – a new record – being currently the total number of electric cars on the road more than 3 million..

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Fotos da cronologia

Daimler Trucks is handing over ten all-electric light-duty FUSO eCanter trucks to the city administration of the Portuguese capital. In 2015,..

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World Energy Outlook 2017: A world in transformation

The Global shifts in the energy system A world in transformation

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