About Renewables & Smart Grid Integration

MAGNUM CAP is an electronics technology-based company offering efficient and sustainable solutions for wide range of sectors, focused on energy management taking advantage of renewable energy sources, like photovoltaic, for applications like electric mobility or complementary green energy source for industrial buildings, offices and commercial areas. One example of photovoltaic and electric vehicles integration is the SmartPark®, a MARTIFER product (a company group). SmartPark® is an integrated parking solution developed to combine an architectural vehicles cover structure with a solar energy producing system. The cutting-edge technology incorporated in SmartPark® results in a “plug and play” product that can be customized according to the client’s requirements. It also offers the option of being connected to a car battery charger system, allowing the battery recharge of a parked electric car.

An electric vehicle may be used as a storage device, it may be charged when parked taking advantage of photovoltaic renewable energy and use this energy later when needed, without putting any stress in the grid. This means that the electric vehicles are not only a device for people move but also an energy storage device very important to stabilize load peaks of the distribution energy grid. EVs also promote the utilization and integration of more renewable energy sources promoting the changeover to this sustainable type of energy. Carports may also be installed in car parking lots, being an ideal solution for companies looking to transform outdoor parking areas into an energy system that produces proven financial and environmental results. They also produce shadow to the vehicles minimizing the use of air conditioning inside the car. An innovative ‘plug and play’ EV charging system may be connected to charge your EV using 100% renewable energy, CO2 zero.