Electric Mobility

MAGNUM CAP was created to simplify the usability of electric vehicles by developing safe reliable recharging technologies and infrastructures. The company creates and develops charging solutions for a reliable, easy to use and secure day to day use of battery based electric vehicles, by taking advantage of renewable energies and preserving electric grid. A full charging product family is available, including four or two wheel charging solutions, Normal Charging, Home & Condominium Charging and Quick Charging systems.

Charging Stations Mapsfrom our partners

  • CochesElectricos365

    This website offers information about chargion stations in Spain.

  • ElectroMaps

    ElectroMaps has information about chargion stations in many countries, like Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden and Switzerland.

  • Mobi.e

    MOBI.E network is an intelligent network on the deployment of electric mobility In Portugal.