CONETOR platform is the software layer that allows the optimization of the charging infrastructure, managing the available energy in an efficient and flexible way, avoiding unnecessary costs, with energy consumption peaks.

Through the platform, it is possible to manage and configure users and accesses. CONETOR provides statistics and consumption information for cost control and accounting.


  • Graphical visualization of the energy consumption of the last 30 days
  • List of chargers and socket status monitorization in real time
  • Management of RFID cards for chargers usage
  • Charger remote controls
  • Monitoring of load sessions
  • Display and export (CSV, HTML ...) of the monthly and annual energy consumptions, per session, charger and card, for control and / or billing purposes.
  • Email notifications in case of detected faults in charger outlets
  • Notification in case of detected socket faults
  • User notifications when charge is over or interrupted
  • Configuration and Management of charging plans with assigned time or kWs limits
  • Schedule management of charging sessions.