DAM CHARGER - Energy efficiency for businesses

Renewable energies are inexhaustible sources of energy obtained from nature and are key to the sustainable development of any society.

Renewable energy production costs are already lower than fossil fuels and green energy production parks are growing worldwide. This change in energy production and distribution implies adaptation of the electric energy storage systems.

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MAGNUM CAP has developed a solution that implements all the main features and functions of a common hydroelectric dam :

The solution developed By MAGNUM CAP to fulfill these principles has the following characteristics:

V2G charger that allows charging and discharging of a parked electric vehicle

– Possibility of using a home battery to increase storage capacity and power availability

Energy management and monitoring system capable of contributing in real time to the energy quality in the grid and supplying power to an external system such as a house or a building

This solution has the great advantage that it can be implemented at a cost of development and operation, much lower than common hydroelectric dam, and can act instantly, distributed and automatically, making it the perfect system for regulating power distribution and for the promotion of solar and wind sources. Implementation can have different scales, from home or business to a network grid use.

MAGNUM CAP believes in the development and promotion of new solutions and new integrations between electric vehicles and renewable energy distribution and generation networks.




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