MAGNUM CAP in EVS32 – Lyon,
with V2G solutions

MAGNUM CAP participated in EVS 32, which took place in Lyon, France. The EVS (Electric Vehicles Symposium) is an annual international event that is recognized as the premier event for academic, government and industrial professionals involved in electric mobility-related technologies.

MAGNUM CAP was present at the CHAdeMO stand with the bi-directional V2G charger that is currently adapted to most markets and electrical networks, complying with CEI, G99 and VDE standards.
The event was attended by 300 exhibitors, from 30 countries, 387 presentations, and 5 scientific sessions. The event also had 30 electric vehicles and 11 scooters, which in total served more than 1500 test-drives.

In terms of visits, 7400 visitors from 65 countries were registered. All these numbers justify the importance of the event.

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During the event the joint venture between NUVVE and EDF was announced, giving birth to a new entity called DREEV.

DREEV’s core business is the development of solutions based on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in its four main markets in Europe: France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Belgium. The technology currently proposed by DREEV was developed by NUVVE and has already been tested worldwide, most with V2G chargers developed by MAGNUM CAP.

Vehicle to grid solutions was the principal highlight of the event, with several solutions to be announced, many of them still in a prototype phase.

During the event, in addition to the exhibition and the test drives in electric vehicles, several technical presentations were made.



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