Fiat Chrysler to test vehicle-to-grid technology

Fiat Chrysler announced this week that it will promote a pilot testing vehicle to grid (V2G) technology. This pilot will involve a fleet of 700 vehicles.


Fiat Chrysler is taking its first steps in electric mobility and has signed an agreement with the Italian energy company Terna, to jointly test a technology enabling electric vehicles to interact with the grid, through charging infrastructure.


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FIAT 500e is the choosen car to test the V2G technology – Although this car already had an electric version for the American market (California), it will be mass produced early next year.

From all the experience that MAGNUM CAP has acquired with V2G technology, derived from the projects we participate, allows us to say that V2G technology is an excellent strategic bet. The energy shift to renewables implies that storage is a key factor. Electric vehicles are excellent options as they are batteries on the move – This means storage on the move.

Whenever there is a peak consumption on the grid, electic vehicles with V2G technology are important for stabilization and power quality on the grid.

Well done FIAT.



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