How to charge your EV fleet

The report published by the European Federation of Transport and Environment (T&E) estimates that by 2020 one million EVs (battery-powered electric vehicles and plug-in vehicles) could be sold.

Overall, both in Europe and around the world, the transition to electric mobility has been moving at a good pace, breaking records year after year.

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Business in general are migrating their fleets as they realized that the electric option is more efficient, lowering TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), while promoting sustainability and a responsible relationship with society.

MAGNUM CAP has a professional team to help companies find the best charging solution for their fleets using either AC chargers or DC fast charging.

Multiple chargers can be managed and monitored using our CONETOR software, which allows several features, example :

It is also possible to make business more efficient by using energy management systems through batteries and V2G chargers.

Electric mobility is a huge opportunity for your business.



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