The first solar fast charger
using 100% renewable energy

MAGNUM CAP combines electric mobility with intelligent charging to encourage the growth of renewable energy use. We want to simplify as much as possible the usability of electric vehicles by developing safe and reliable recharging technologies and infrastructures.

MAGNUM CAP creates and develops reliable, easy-to-use and secure daily use charging solutions for battery-based electric vehicles, by taking advantage of renewable energies and preserving electric grid. Electric Vehicles in combination with intelligent charging are widely accepted to have an important role in the proliferation of renewable energy, power sources, as they may act as huge energy storage devices capable to load the surplus energy during peak generation and stabilize the grid.

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With this in mind, MAGNUM CAP developed the solar fast charge, using the energy generated from a photovoltaic panels system, it is possible to perform fast charging through intermediate energy storage using second-life batteries from Electric Vehicles.

What are the benefits:

The solution installed in our production center based in Aveiro, Portugal, has a standard solar panel with a power input of 6.1 kW, but this equipment can have other input power possibilities up to 50 kW output power. The standard battery capacity of 18 kWh, but other capacities can be available, depending on the second-life batteries.

Charging systems can be set to 30 kW, 40 kW or 50 kW to better match the available input power and better serve the customer needs. Multiple output connectors can be configured to allow various vehicles simultaneous charging.

The solution is integrated with a WEB-based remote access system, capable of providing important measures and metrics about solar power, battery energy storage and charging sessions report. This allows controlling the charging process in real-time and enables efficient management of the energy available anytime.



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