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MAGNUM CAP was created to simplify the usability of electric vehicles by developing safe and reliable recharging technologies and infrastructures. 
Electric Vehicles in combination with intelligent charging are widely accepted to have an important role on the proliferation of renewable energy, power sources, as they may act as huge energy storage devices capable to load the surplus energy during peak generation and stabilize the grid.
MAGNUM CAP developed an innovative urban solution where the vehicles can operate like huge storehouses of renewable energy. All the energy produced by the solar panels is used to charge the vehicle anytime.


4 wheels



Parking lots.
Service stations.
Remote locations.


MPP Voltage– 181 VDC

MPP Current  – 33A

Maximum Output Power – 6,1kW

Power Converter Technology – CC-CC Boost with integrated MPPT

Nominal Capacity – 57Ah /18kWh

Maximum Voltage – 378 VDC

Minimum Voltage – ≈ 290 VDC

Nominal Current – 100A

Solar Panel Quantity – 24

Configuration – 4 x 6

MPP Voltage – 30,2 V

MPP Current – 8,43 A

PV maximum Power – 255 W





If you are looking for an end-to-end solution to manage charging infrastructure, MAGNUM CAP – CONETOR platform is the software layer that allows the optimization of the charging infrastructure. CONETOR Platform manages the available energy in an efficient and flexible way, avoiding unnecessary costs with energy consumption peaks.

It’s easy to Plug OCPP compliant charging stations, having full remote control over the charging station.

CONETOR platform centralize in one place, all data related to your charging stations, easily accessible to users with the required authorizations.

It also provides statistics and consumption information for cost control and accounting. All data can be exported from the system in a standard format.

MAGNUM CAP works with certified partners to provide safe and fast installations on your site.

If you want to train your technical team, MAGNUM CAP can also provide training.

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