a modular light pole with a charger for EVs

The municipality of Guimarães on 7 June started the Guimarães 5G Ready pilot project, which provides the implementation of several Smartlamppost with a 5G network, which will also allow the charging of electric vehicles and the transmission of mobile data at high velocity.

Smartlamppost is a modular light pole concept that allows you to mix and match different services in an elegant solution:

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Intelligent lighting

Efficient LED-based solution for reducing electricity costs. The Smartlamppost solution uses LoRaWAN technology, which facilitates remote management and programming of the lighting operation mode.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Incorporation of a charger developed by MAGNUM CAP with one or two sockets and with powers that can vary between 3.7 to 22 kW, it allows loading any electric vehicle with type 2 socket. The chargers incorporate the protocol of communication OCPP, that allows a solution of management through a 3G network interface or built-in WiFi.

Telecommunications capacity enhancement

Hosting solution for easy 4G and 5G deployment economically, using virtualization technology (NFV and SDN) and small cell. This allows network operators to improve their operational capability.

Video surveillance system

Possibility of incorporating CCTV systems contributing to security in areas that need greater vigilance and prevention.


Smartlamppost is a consortium that brings together the Ubiwhere, PROEF and Metalogalva companies, with MAGNUM CAP being chosen for electric vehicle charging systems.

The lighting pole is seen as a technological services condominium, being flexible to allow various combinations, depending on the need of the place where it is installed.

This project has as target customers, municipalities, private spaces, telecom operators and is designed to be exported to international markets.

Smartlamppost incorporates a layer of software for easy management of assets installed on the pole.



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