The city of Braga has the first
150 kW charger installed in Portugal

Urban traffic contributes to air pollution and the local development of urban transport strategies that meet mobility and protect the environment are essential, making cities more pleasant places to live.

TUB – Urban Transport of Braga – is fully aware of the importance of offering mobility solutions, with quality, comfort and positively moving towards energy efficiency. This was the reason for the investment in electric buses provided by CaetanoBus, which will help reduce carbon emissions, contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint of the city of Braga.


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To charge the buses, TUB use six chargers, five of 40 kW and the first 150 kW charger to be installed in Portugal. The chargers were developed specifically for the charging of electric buses, however in their design, it was taken into consideration the possibility of also loading conventional electric vehicles, such as the new Jaguar i-Pace or Porsche, allowing the load of 100km in about of 7 minutes.
The transition to sustainable mobility through the use of 100% electric buses with zero CO2 emissions, the absence of noise and a significant reduction of energy and maintenance costs is an efficient solution for vital urban transport.



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