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Designed to provide energy to the vehicle and supply energy to the grid or to the house, allowing getting benefits from different grid applications:
• Time shift
• Power balancing
• Power quality support
With V2G you may store energy in your vehicle and use it later, getting benefits in terms of energy costs, CO² optimization, autonomy, or demand profile faltering.


4 wheels



Private spaces.

Utility and energy companies.

Network operators.

Ground installation.


Voltage – 400 VAC

Voltage range – -20 ±10%

Frequency – 50/60 Hz ± 5%

Nominal input power – 10,5 kVA

Max AC current per phase – 16 A

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 600 x 360 x 1620 mm

Weight – 260 kg

Protection level – IP54

Temperature – 0º to + 50°C

Humidity – 5% to 95%

Sound noise – < 55 dB in all dir

CEI 0.21 (Italy)

VDE – AR – N 4105 (Germany)

G59 /G83 (United Kingdom)



Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology introduces the concept of two-way power flow by allowing charging and discharging of the electric vehicle battery.

Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology advantages :

Peak Shaving

At times of high energy demand, it is possible to stabilize parameters of the electrical network (or even of a house or building), using the energy available in electric vehicles.

Storage of overproduction

When there is massive production, it is possible to store this excess in the batteries of electric vehicles (typically this happens with renewable energies)


The stored energy can be used in emergency situations when the power grid fails.

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