Yes! We believe in V2G

Renewable energies are inexhaustible sources of energy obtained from nature and are key to the sustainable development of any society.
Renewable energy production costs are already lower than fossil fuels and green energy parks will be even more competitive by 2020. These are the main findings of a new study published by the London Carbon Tracker Initiative.

Renewable energies produced by the sun and wind must be reconciled with good storage systems due to their variability production.

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Electric cars can play a very important role in storing energy and return some energy to the network when needed – Basically an electric car is a battery with wheels.


Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers enable the bidirectionality required to charge a vehicle and decharge to act as a stabilizing element at peak power consumption.


The positive growth of renewable energy must be accompanied by a growth and investment in V2G technology.

MAGNUM CAP is a pioneer in this type of chargers and with over 300 installations in production, has sufficient experience to participate in any type of commercial application. With this in mind we can safely say: Yes, we believe in V2G



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